Virtual Care Navigation

Our virtual care navigation platform offers a range of personalized and curated healthcare navigation services and benefits. Through weekly video meetings, phone calls and daily SMS communication, we work diligently to combat social isolation, facilitate food and grocery delivery, arrange transportation, ensure medication adherence, promote community engagement, and manage appointments – all to enhance the lives of older adults.

What sets Momentra apart is the perfect blend of expertise and compassion. We combine the experience of real people with user-friendly technology to create a care navigation experience that truly makes a difference. With Momentra, older adults can embrace life, Live Well & With Purpose.

Grandmother playing Jenga

Momentra stands out with its unique feature of having a dedicated Care Ambassador who virtually engages with each individual. This exceptional service goes beyond just providing navigation assistance; it also fosters stimulating engagement and communication within their “Care Circle,” ensuring a more fulfilling experience for everyone involved. Our primary focus lies in enhancing the lives of our valued members, emphasizing three core aspects: Convenience, Connection, and Care.

Care Circle

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    Interactive Health Map and Profile Viewing

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    Calendar to Enrichers, Events and To Do’s

  • File Vault: Share Pictures and Videos

  • Connect with your loved ones via text, phone and video

Video call by tablet

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Video Calls 

Facilitate meaningful connections with your loved ones using the Momentra platform. All members within the circle of care will receive notifications and can choose to participate in video calls with both their loved one and their Care Ambassador, or opt for one-on-one conversations. The choice is yours.

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Send a quick message to your loved one to brighten up their day, reminding them that you are just a push of a button away.

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To enrich the lives of our members, our trained care ambassadors navigate a range of engaging activities and experiences that improve social, emotional, and physical well-being by addressing social determinants of health.  Momentra’s care navigation platform focuses on benefits and services such as companionship, transportation, food delivery, medication adherence, care coordination, cognitive support, physical fitness and many more.  

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Momentra Enrichers are selected carefully based on the needs of each Older Adult across Social, Emotional, and Physical Wellbeing. Call it a menu of Life Enrichers at their fingertips, all coordinated through Momentra’s care navigation platform. Your Enrichment Team is dedicated to continuously identifying, reviewing and onboarding qualifying enrichers for Older Adults to select from, Momentra’s care navigation platform offers a simple interface that brings peace of mind to every older adult and their circle of care.

Benefits of Momentra Enrichers

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  • Companionship
  • Physical fitness for all levels
  • Medication Adherence
  • Plan Benefits Education and Activation
  • Community Engagement
  • Transportation 
  • Tech Support
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Continued learning

Human and digital ecosystem focused on Convenience, Connection and Care

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    Simple platform offering a holistic, centralized approach to navigating your life.

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    Stimulate engagement and awareness through your Care Ambassador, Circle of Care and a trusted, knowledge driven relationship.

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    Care Team dedicated to HAPPINESS and PEACE OF MIND through a growing list of approved Enrichers and Purpose Drivers relevant to you.