Momentra Mission

At Momentra we care about life enrichment, the value of time, and we know that every person is unique. It is with that in mind that the Momentra Life Enrichment Platform exists to provide a personalized and holistic biosystem focused on those people entrusted with our care.
Simply stated… Our goal is to enrich lives, one person at a time. If we make even one life a little happier, we are thankful and blessed for the opportunity to do so.

To this end, Momentra has developed a deeply considered strategy, roadmap and user relationship following decades of collective experience in healthcare and being part of building successful public and private companies. This experience includes active and authentic involvement in meaningful corporate social responsibility initiatives.

With this in mind, our Mission is to help people Live Well & With Purpose and develop our company to do so for as many people globally as we possibly can. This entails a strategy that is not only financially sound (in order to ensure a sustainable existence), but developing a truly scalable offering to benefit many lives. In addition, our experience, and overwhelming evidence over the years, has shown that the beneficial multiplier effect on loved ones and care givers around people whose lives are enriched, is priceless. We call it the “Momentra Effect”, better understood by others as the Ripple Effect. 

On a final, extremely important note, it is within the DNA of our passionate people at Momentra, to not only serve our customers with unwavering trusted care, but to leverage our time, intellectual property and impact by being a purpose driven company and do all we can, within our means and the balance of operating a fiscally disciplined company, to adhere to the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. 

Grandmother and Granddaughter Watering Garden Plants

We look forward to sharing more in the future as we endeavor to meaningfully enrich lives on multiple fronts including:

  • Advocacy involvement
  • Community volunteering
  • Health & welfare sponsorships
  • Pro bono services to disadvantaged communities
  • Academic grants, bursaries, skills training and industry initiatives
  • Event management & sponsorship 
  • Ad hoc support services for special needs situations