Meet the Team

At Momentra, our mission is to enrich the lives of the older adult community through innovation and creativity. Our dedicated team is at the heart of everything we do, working passionately and tirelessly to bring moments of joy, inspiration, and connection to our valued members. At the core of our human-powered companionship, care navigation, and life enrichment platform is a group of dedicated professionals committed to making a meaningful impact. Meet the visionaries, innovators, and problem-solvers who make Momentra come to life, each contributing their unique skills and expertise to foster an environment where aging with dignity and purpose is not just a goal but a shared reality.

Our Awesome Team

  • Before co-founding Momentra, Tony led in performance marketing for two decades, boosting brands like DraftKings and Aetna. His leadership, merging compassion with accountability, fosters growth and profitability. Passionate about Momentra’s mission to Live Well & With Purpose, Tony is dedicated to enriching lives. Personally, he’s a fitness buff, meditator, soccer fan, and family man.

    Tony Wilson


  • Darren Youngleson


  • Hailing from the Midwest, Anna brings a degree from Yale and 23+ years of experience in strategy, execution, and a breadth of roles focused on innovative solutions, business operations, scaling companies, and driving customer success. She’s passionate about using technology to enrich the lives of others. When she’s not working, Anna can be found burning up the floor as a dancesport competitor.

    Anna Prostrollo


  • With a passion for connecting seniors with opportunities that promote their health and well-being, Juan takes pride in helping older adults age in place in the comfort of their own homes. Serving older adults since 2015, Juan has helped countless families maintain a healthy lifestyle for all. When not working, Juan loves to travel around the globe.

    Juan Sotelo

    President of Home Care

  • Tyler gained his experience from his time as an engineering manager and business owner, where he learned how to grow, lead, train, and manage high-performing teams. He is passionate about problem solving and helping people accomplish their career goals. When he’s not working, he can be found at the golf course or with his family.

    Tyler Wiggins

    Head of Project Management

  • Merle’s masters in social work coupled with life experiences and parenthood have gifted her with compassion, patience and tolerance. In her tapestry of work, she sees herself as a guide weaving connections for older adults navigating the intricate threads of aging. For fun she enjoys a pickleball game and the dynamic blend of cardio, camaraderie, and coordination!

    Merle Gaylis

    Care Team Director

  • With her passion for helping people and continuous focus on mental health, Hanusha completed her Honours in Psychology. Through her years in the Healthcare sector, she has developed extensive experience in formulating strategy, improving performance, securing compliance and is great at mentoring teams. Outside of work, she is a strong advocate for Animal Rights and an ardent Liverpool supporter.

    Hanusha Chetty

    Care Team Manager

  • Zanelle, a dedicated advocate for social good, holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) in Psychology. With three years of diverse experience in clinical administration, employee wellness, mental health workshop facilitation, and person-centered counseling, she is committed to innovation and on a purposeful mission to make a positive impact.

    Zanelle Labuschagne

    Care Ambassador

  • Kayla brings an extensive background in sales, customer service, and account management across diverse industries. From her experience she has discovered her purpose; to add value, encourage and motivate others to help them reach their goals and to live a fulfilling life. In her words, “A friendly smile can change someone’s day and if our paths ever cross please say, Hello.”

    Kayla Trevino

    Care Ambassador

  • 15+ years in healthcare consulting and tech-enabled services, Justin excels in management consulting, specializing in process improvement, clinical integration, & value-based care. Notable in EHR, cost reduction, & member engagement, he thrives in rapid growth environments, demonstrating expertise in go-to-market strategy, partnership development, product marketing, operational management.

    Justin Barlow

    Growth & Partnerships

  • Philip is tech leader known for unlocking product potential. With a decade of experience, he collaborates with Fortune 500 and startup execs. As Head of Data and Interim CTO at a startup studio, he led initiatives building 10 companies, implementing AI solutions spanning NLP, Computer Vision, and Recommendations. He advises industry giants like McKinsey, P&G on data and AI strategies.

    Philip Ollapally

    Technology Leader