Care Ambassador

The Momentra Care Ambassador Mission: To be exceptional at delivering our promise of “Live Well & With Purpose” to every older adult and family in the Momentra community.

Care Ambassadors are Momentra qualified, experienced, and dedicated to enriching the lives of older adults in a meaningful way. Momentra accredited Care Ambassadors develop a trusted relationship with older adults, providing companionship, convenience, and care to help them Live Well & With Purpose. In addition to providing companionship, Care Ambassadors will stimulate connections within the older adults’ Care Circle and enrich lives by leveraging the Momentra comprehensive telehealth platform.

Our Care Ambassadors are available around the clock, and we mean it! We offer 24/7 support. After completing a Care Connection Questionnaire, you’ll experience the personal touch of our trained Care Ambassadors, who not only form a close, trusted relationship but also cater to your needs by adding enriching elements to your life. The spectrum of growing services and products spans the pillars of social, emotional, and physical well-being.

Discover the caring support you deserve – Join Momentra’s Care Ambassador program today and Live Well & With Purpose!

Your Personal Care Ambassador

  • Momentra Care Ambassador

    Merle Gaylis

    Merle is an outstanding lady with a lifetime of experience caring for and helping those around her. An example of empathy and compassion across all walks of life. Merle has a Masters in Social Work from Washington University St Louis with a focus on Gerontology and specialization in Family Therapy.

  • Momentra Care Ambassador

    Mary Odgers

    Mary is a Certified & Trained Life Coach specializing in accompanying You on your journey from a ‘Good Life’ to the ‘GREAT LIFE’ you have always dreamed of. Mary believes that each of us can learn to “get out of our own way” to create the experience of loving the life we live.