Momentra’s Robust Human Engagement and Navigation Platform Addresses Social Determinants of Health at Scale for Medicare Advantage Plans

Introducing Momentra, a first of its kind virtual Companionship and Care Navigation platform. Momentra leverages skilled Care Ambassadors supported by robust technology and AI enhancements to help Medicare Advantage plans serve happier, healthier members. Momentra’s Care Ambassadors use technology to provide members with personalized Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) benefits unique to their social, emotional, and physical needs. This unique combination of technology combined with compassionate human service aims to help plans combat social isolation, improve medication adherence, increase member satisfaction, and drive appropriate utilization of resources.

According to the National Council on Aging, social isolation and loneliness costs Medicare Advantage plans an average of $6.7 billion per year. Additionally, poor medication adherence costs up to $290 billion per year. Research shows that addressing SDoH, such as community engagement, transportation, food security, and health care access through care navigation leads to improved health outcomes for older adults, a 30% reduction in hospital readmissions and a 20% reduction in emergency department visits.

Momentra’s virtual companionship and care navigation services help address these issues and many others by providing personalized support and guidance for individuals in a communication form aligned to their technological literacy level. Services and enrichments include companionship, transportation, food security, physical fitness, appointment scheduling, enrolling in non-medical supplemental benefits, and various social support assistance in their communities.

Momentra has also developed high touch and meaningful engagement tactics resulting in actionable data to positively impact CMS Stars measures. Recently CMS increased eight of the nine CAHPS measures to four-weighted measures. As an alternative to waiting for annual survey results to understand a specific plan members’ needs, Momentra navigates care and provides the high-touch services, reminders, ongoing survey responses and experience check-ins at significantly higher frequency levels than the norm. This leads to improvement in members’ experience perceptions, improved response rates, and informs the health plan for better targeted outcomes.

At Momentra, our mission is to help older adults Live Well & With Purpose,” said Tony Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO. “Current solutions addressing Social Determinants of Health for Older Adults are siloed and data in many cases is non-actionable. Older Adults and their care circle are overwhelmed with the options available to them and confusion leads to non-action. That is why at Momentra, we build trusted relationships and provide companionship at scale with a human touch to get members the services they need, when they need them.